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NSW government wants to jail people blowing the whistle on animal cruelty

The Coalition government wants to jail people for blowing the whistle on animal cruelty. These aggressive laws threaten three years imprisonment for entering factory farms and showing the world the reality of cruel industrial farming practices.These laws announced today by the NSW Nationals Leader and Deputy Premier are a cynical play to threaten animal activists and stop them campaigning for greater transparency and cruelty free farming.

Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill 2019

As one of the Bills official co-sponsors, Abigail rose to speak in strong support of reproductive healthcare reform, the rights of women and those with uteresuses and of the need to trust individuals to make decisions about what to do with their own bodies.

Contributions of People with Autism

In recognition of recent ableist comments by media personalities relating to people with autism, today Abigail moved a motion that called on NSW Parliament to recognise the contributions of people with autism to society and to reaffirm it’s recognition that people with disability are to be treated with dignity and respect.

NSW Government Subsidises Tabcorp’s Greyhound Profits

In June, the Berejiklian Government announced that it would be giving Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) an extra $10.4m ‘to improve animal welfare’. The very same week, Greyhound Racing NSW announced it could afford to pay $3.2m in extra prize money. Now we hear today that GRNSW is boasting that it will give out $2m in prize money for its Million Dollar Chase series this year.

Desperate Government Stifling Dissent with more Anti-Protest Laws

Today’s threats from the Coalition Government against protesters are now the third time the Liberal National Government have sought to target protesters, in an increasingly desperate attempt to avoid scrutiny and to protect big corporations from scrutiny.

Contracts reveal NSW public ripped off by Liberals’ energy privatisation

Documents released following a Greens motion in the NSW Upper House have revealed the 2015 sale of Vales Point power station leaves NSW exposed to potentially billions of dollars in liabilities. Gladys Berejiklian, Treasurer at the time, charged Trevor St Baker and Brian Flannery just $1 million for the right to operate Vales Point. Yet St Baker and Flannery valued Vales Point at $730 million in 2017. At the same time the community has suffered increased electricity costs of around 60% and the State retains the cost of cleaning up the site.

Asylum Seekers

In recognition of World Refugee Day, Abigail used her Adjournment Speech to speak passionately in support of refugee rights and to demand the cruelty of the current Australian immigration regime is put to an end.

Budget Reply 2019

Disappointed in the 2019 Budget, Abigail spoke in Parliament about how this Government's obsession with privatisation, austerity and putting corporations before public good is impacting the most vulnerable in our community.

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