Contributions of People with Autism

In recognition of recent ableist comments by media personalities relating to people with autism, today Abigail moved a motion that called on NSW Parliament to recognise the contributions of people with autism to society and to reaffirm it’s recognition that people with disability are to be treated with dignity and respect.

Ms ABIGAIL BOYD (10:03): I move:

1.That this House recognises:

(a)the real and valuable contributions that people with autism make to our community;

(b)the countless people with autism who have made extraordinary scientific, medical, technological, artistic, political and social contributions to society; and

(c)the valuable contributions people with autism make to public discussion, including in relation to social and environmental issues.

2.That this House acknowledges that:

(a)neurotypical people are not inherently more valuable or capable of meaningful engagement with society than people with autism;

(b)an individual's disability or neurodivergence does not undermine their traits, opinions or actions; and

(c)people with disability have a right to fully participate in society on an equal basis with others.

3.That this House affirms that there is no justification for ostracism, bullying, or mocking of a person on the basis of disability or neurodivergence.

4.That this House condemns all instances of ableism, including the mocking of a person's disability, and the diminishing or devaluing of a person's actions or opinions on the basis of disability or neurodivergence.

Motion agreed to.

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