Take action to end gendered violence

1 in 4 — the number of women who have experienced intimate partner abuse since age 15 

1 in 5 — the number of women who have experienced sexual violence since age 15 

54 — the number of women killed so far in 2023 

These are more than just numbers, they are real women who have had their lives completely changed because another person chose to perpetrate violence and abuse. Violence against women happens every day around us, in our communities and in our lives.

To end gendered violence, we need real, genuine and targeted action from our governments that is responsive to the demands of victim-survivors and the domestic, family and sexual violence sector. 

The global campaign of #16DaysOfActivism began on 25 November with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. These 16 days are a challenge and a demand of governments and society to take urgent action to end gendered violence. 

In Parliament, I have been working as the Greens’ spokesperson for Gendered Violence and Abuse to hold the government to account and platform the voices of victim-survivors and the domestic, family and sexual violence sector as we pursue urgent and necessary policy reform. Some of the campaigns front and centre right now are: 

Unfortunately the Bill to criminalise coercive control that we developed in close consultation with the domestic violence sector was not adopted, and we have instead been left with a substandard Coalition version that will take effect from mid-2024. We are now working hard to make that offence as effective as it can be and, critically, ensuring that it is accompanied by sustainable funding and trauma-informed and evidence-based training across all levels of police, health, legal and judicial systems. Check out the ways we’re applying pressure on the Government.

The campaign to address drink spiking led by What Were You Wearing? has gained so much traction in the community with their petition having received over 20,000 signatures and being debated in NSW Parliament – but the NSW Government’s response has been to double down with more victim blaming! Email the Government now to demand they take down their dangerous public-facing campaign.  

The Your Reference Ain’t Relevant Campaign, founded by victim-survivors Harrison James and Jarad Grice, is making waves across the nation! I was proud to table a petition in the NSW Parliament earlier this year calling for good character references to be removed for paedophiles in the sentencing procedure of child sexual abuse cases. Right now, we are awaiting DCJ’s legislative review of this issue to see whether the Attorney General will take action to implement this reform. 

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