Motion Passed Calling for Disability Advocacy Funding

Last night the NSW Legislative Council passed a Greens motion calling on the NSW government to commit to secure long term funding for vital independent disability advocacy services.

“Independent disability advocacy services are absolutely vital for the millions of people in NSW with disability.” said Ms Boyd, Greens NSW upper house MP and Disability spokesperson.

“Yet this Liberal government has done all it can to avoid committing the desperately required long term funding for the sector.”

“With funding currently ending within mere months independent services are watching the hours tick by and will be forced to close their doors, shed staff and be unable to serve the community.”

“Almost one in five people in NSW live with disability, yet only 10% of them are eligible to receive NDIS support services.”

“For the almost one million other people with disability in NSW who can’t access the support of the NDIS, the disability advocacy organisations play a lifesaving role in day to day life.”

“Last night the upper house passed our motion calling on the government to commit to providing this funding as soon as possible.”

“So to the government I say, it’s time to step up and deliver for people with disability in NSW and to finally confirm long term funding for the disability advocacy sector.”

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