End drink spiking. End victim blaming.  - Abigail Boyd MP

End drink spiking. End victim blaming.

Is it a campaign to tackle drink spiking, or just more victim blaming?  “Pace yourself. Count your drinks, try a low-alcohol alternative, or have a ‘spacer’ of water between alcoholic drinks.  “Avoid shouts, drinking games or shots. Drink at your own pace, you don’t have...
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Independent Office of Animal Welfare - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)


We need an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.  Right now, responsibility for animal welfare sits with the Minister for Agriculture, even though their Department’s designated purpose is to drive stronger primary industries — an inherent conflict of interest when animal agriculture profits are too often...
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It's time for a Wellbeing Budget - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)

It's time for a Wellbeing Budget

Budgets are about choices — it’s time we choose wellbeing!  Right now, people across our State are struggling with soaring cost of living pressures and rising energy bills. Our environment is being destroyed, hospital waiting lists are growing, and wages are going backwards. A government’s...
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Tax Superprofits to Pay Workers More - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)

Tax Superprofits to Pay Workers More

NSW is missing out on tens of billions of dollars. By introducing a progressive coal royalty structure similar to the one in Queensland, we would have raised an extra $20 billion last year. 
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Homes for Every Body - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)

Homes for Every Body

Have you ever broken your leg and struggled to get around in your own house? Had an elderly relative visit your home who couldn't use the bathroom? Almost every Australian will require some kind of accessibility in their home at one point or another. Everyone...
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Slicosis: the new asbestos. Ban engineered stone.  - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)

Ban engineered stone

Luxury benchtops are causing the premature deaths of thousands of workers in NSW and across the world. Over 105,000 workers in Australia have been diagnosed with silicosis from workplace related exposure and will likely lose their lives as a result. Current regulatory and enforcement mechanisms...
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Rodeos have got to go - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)

Rodeos have got to go

Rodeos are the height of animal cruelty posed as entertainment — torturing sentient beings with the express purpose of making them respond to fear and pain, and then making a show out of trying to dominate the terrified animal.
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Protect our right to protest - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)

Protect the right to protest in NSW

The right and freedom to protest is fundamental to the legitimacy of our democracy. To take action on the streets is often the only path available to challenge institutional or structural inequalities and injustice. In NSW, that basic political right has been dramatically and abruptly curtailed....
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Right to vote for 16 year olds - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)

Expand the right to vote to 16 year olds

Democracy doesn’t start and end at the ballot box, but without a vote you don’t have a voice. Our current election laws leave politically engaged, impassioned young people voiceless and frustrated. That’s why I introduced a Bill that will empower young people to participate in...
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Clean up coal ash now! - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)

Clean up coal ash now!

The toxic legacy of coal-fired power cannot be forgotten as power stations shut.
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Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)

Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

A new global movement is building in the fight for climate justice, calling for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty. A better future is possible, but to get there we must be courageous. We must stand up to the fossil fuel lobby and the politicians they...
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Email MPs to support recognising animal sentience - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)

Email MPs to support recognising animal sentience

Animals are sentient beings that consciously and subjectively feel joy, fear, pleasure and suffering. To the very vast majority of us, this is not a controversial statement - we have all interacted with animals and seen it for ourselves.  But in New South Wales, our...
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No more missing greyhounds - Abigail Boyd MP (updated)

No more missing greyhounds

A greyhound’s speed should not determine whether it lives or dies. But prior to 2016, at least 5,500 healthy greyhounds were being killed every single year in NSW, simply because they couldn’t earn their keep in the racing industry. And despite the 2017 industry reforms,...
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