Rodeos have got to go - Abigail Boyd MP

Rodeos have got to go

Rodeos are the height of animal cruelty posed as entertainment — torturing sentient beings with the express purpose of making them respond to fear and pain, and then making a show out of trying to dominate the terrified animal.
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Protect the right to protest - Abigail Boyd MP

Protect the right to protest in NSW

The right and freedom to protest is fundamental to the legitimacy of our democracy. To take action on the streets is often the only path available to challenge institutional or structural inequalities and injustice. In NSW, that basic political right has been dramatically and abruptly...
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Right to vote for 16 year olds - Abigail Boyd MP

Expand the right to vote to 16 year olds

Democracy doesn’t start and end at the ballot box, but without a vote you don’t have a voice. Our current election laws leave politically engaged, impassioned young people voiceless and frustrated. That’s why I introduced a Bill that will empower young people to participate in...
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Clean up coal - Abigail Boyd MP

Coal-fired power stations must clean up their mess!

The toxic legacy of coal-fired power cannot be forgotten as power stations shut. Our environment, community and economy have spoken — we are no longer reliant on coal-fired power.  More and more coal-fired power stations are making the move to fast-track their exit from coal...
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Homes for every body - Abigail Boyd MP

Homes for Every Body

Everyone has the right to a home - so why do we still build homes that not everyone can live in?  Most states and territories have committed to a new National Construction Code that will require basic accessibility for every new home built - like...
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Support the Clean Air Bill - Abigail Boyd MP

Support the Clean Air Bill

We all have the right to breathe clean air. But right now, coal-fired power stations are pumping out toxic emissions that are increasing our risk of serious illness. That’s why we’ve introduced the Clean Air Bill. If passed, it would tighten emissions restrictions on all...
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Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty — Abigail Boyd MP

Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

A new global movement is building in the fight for climate justice, calling for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty. A better future is possible, but to get there we must be courageous. We must stand up to the fossil fuel lobby and the politicians they...
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Email MPs to support recognising animal sentience - Abigail Boyd MP

Email MPs to support recognising animal sentience

Animals are sentient beings that consciously and subjectively feel joy, fear, pleasure and suffering. To the very vast majority of us, this is not a controversial statement - we have all interacted with animals and seen it for ourselves.  But in New South Wales, our...
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No more missing greyhounds - Abigail Boyd MP

No more missing greyhounds

A greyhound’s speed should not determine whether it lives or dies. But prior to 2016, at least 5,500 healthy greyhounds were being killed every single year in NSW, simply because they couldn’t earn their keep in the racing industry. And despite the 2017 industry reforms,...
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Email MPs to support the Greens' two animal welfare bills - Abigail Boyd MP

Email MPs to support the Greens' two animal welfare bills

Animals are sentient beings that feel joy, fear and pain. But because our laws and their enforcement are inadequate, animals in NSW do not receive the protection they deserve from cruelty and exploitation. That’s why I have introduced two Greens bills to Parliament which will...
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End period poverty in our schools - Abigail Boyd MP

End period poverty in our schools

Everyone deserves access to basic sanitation, and that includes the 150,000 students in NSW public schools who menstruate. But right now, many young people in our schools are experiencing period poverty.  Period poverty in Australia is understudied, but countries overseas show us just how dire...
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Auslan Interpreters for all COVID pressers - Abigail Boyd MP

Auslan Interpreters for all COVID pressers

Everyone should be able to access real-time information from the Government about COVID-19 and health orders. But currently, the NSW Government’s policy only requires Auslan interpreters to be present at COVID press conferences hosted by NSW Health. 
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Resist a police state in NSW

Resist a police state in NSW

The right to peaceful assembly is a cornerstone of our democracy. Any attempts to curb that right will be seen for what it is, an unconscionable assault on our civil and democratic rights.
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Sex Work is Work Petition – Abigail Boyd MP

Sex Work is Work

All workers, no matter their chosen profession, should be treated with dignity and respect inside and outside their workplace.  Yet despite New South Wales decriminalising sex work in 1995, sex workers are still routinely discriminated against. They are denied housing, refused services and are unnecessarily...
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Keep NSW Nuclear Free - Abigail Boyd MP

Keep NSW Nuclear Free

A jobs rich, clean energy future in NSW is not just possible, it’s inevitable. But that hasn't stopped the Coalition planning to reverse a decades-old ban on uranium mining to prop up a global nuclear industry in terminal decline.
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Coercive Control Bill 2020 - Abigail Boyd MP

Coercive Control Bill 2020

  Everyone deserves to feel safe at home. But for so many, home is where they are most at risk.  Over the last decade, public awareness of domestic violence has grown, thanks to the tireless work of advocates like Rosie Batty. Yet despite that, at...
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