NSW government wants to jail people blowing the whistle on animal cruelty

The Coalition government wants to jail people for blowing the whistle on animal cruelty. These aggressive laws threaten three years imprisonment for entering factory farms and showing the world the reality of cruel industrial farming practices.

These laws announced today by the NSW Nationals Leader and Deputy Premier are a cynical play to threaten animal activists and stop them campaigning for greater transparency and cruelty free farming.

Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“This is the NSW Coalition Government making laws to protect themselves and their corporate mates in the face of growing community opposition.

“Jailing people for having the courage to tell the truth about industrial farming practices strikes at the very heart of what we think of as a free society.

“If these laws pass then our laws will be so skewed that there will be a $4,400 maximum fine for the worst animal cruelty but three years imprisonment for exposing it.

“Any agricultural industry that is so threatened by exposure that it needs government imposed secrecy to exist, is an industry without a social licence.

“The Coalition can legislate all it wants, but people will still protest until the barbaric cruelty of industrial agriculture comes to an end,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Greens MP and Animal Welfare Spokesperson Abigail Boyd said:

“What we see today is just the latest attack on legitimate protest, this time aimed directly at animal welfare activists.

“A one thousand dollar on the spot fine is unprecedented, and is a direct attack on freedom of speech and political expression.

“This Liberal National Government is focused on preventing exposure and scrutiny of the practices of corporate owners of factory farms.

“The more people see the day to day cruelty in the worst offending farm operations, the more pressure there will be to put humane laws in place.

“Activists know that the existing system is not working to protect our planet from catastrophic climate change, to protect animals from systematic brutality or to protect the human rights of citizens and those seeking asylum. We cannot accept further erosion of our democratic rights,” Ms Boyd said.

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