Rodeos have got to go

Rodeos are the height of animal cruelty posed as entertainment — torturing sentient beings with the express purpose of making them respond to fear and pain, and then making a show out of trying to dominate the terrified animal.

Around 600 rodeos are held in Australia every year, where people turn violence against animals that have been provoked into a fight or flight response into 'entertainment'. 

From bull- and bronco-riding, calf roping and steer wrestling during the event, to the inhumane transport and breeding practices, and the physical abuse like electric shock, twisted tails and fingers up their noses to rile the animals up before they are sent into the ring, every part of a rodeo is cruel.

And so much of what the rodeo industry does would be considered illegal animal cruelty in every other context. The rodeo industry is handed animal cruelty exemptions under the NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, allowing mistreatment and abuse of animals that is not permitted anywhere else.

Rodeos have got to go.

Sign our petition to have animal cruelty exemptions for rodeos struck out and rodeos banned in NSW. 

Will you sign?