About Abigail

Abigail is a Greens MP in the NSW Parliament. She lives in Terrigal on the Central Coast with her partner, her two children and her two demanding but admittedly pretty cute dogs.

Growing up in Berowra, Abigail is the proud product of public education. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Macquarie University, and in Law from the University of New South Wales. She has completed numerous post graduate courses in economics, banking and finance. Abigail is a published author on the topic of bank bail-ins.

Prior to her election as a Greens MP in 2019, Abigail spent over two decades practising law - first in Sydney and London, and then remotely from the Central Coast continuing to specialise in global banking regulation for clients in over 40 different countries.

During 2008 she worked on the frontline of the global financial crisis in London to manage the economic fallout of the crash caused by reckless corporations and their runaway obsession with profit.

Abigail has worked passionately to campaign for an economy that puts people before profit and is recognised as a leading expert in banking regulation and progressive economic reform.

Since being elected at the 2019 state election Abigail has continued the fight for a new economy and is the first Greens MP to represent the Central Coast.

Abigail is a representative of the Greens NSW, which is a member organisation of the Australian Greens. Click here for more information about the Greens NSW and click here for information about the Australian Greens.

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