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Media Release: Greens call for reform following study into sexual assaults in flood aftermath

The Greens are calling on the NSW Labor government to implement each of the recommendations from the recent University of Newcastle study that found women were increasingly subject to sexual assault and domestic violence after a natural disaster, and in the wake of the 2022 Northern Rivers floods. 

Inclusive employment for women with disability

The Victorian Government recently partnered with Women with Disabilities Victoria to fund an employment program supporting women with disability to secure work in health, social and disability services. Women with disability bring unique and valuable skills and lived experience to these roles. Abigail passed a call in Parliament for the NSW Government to take action in this area to support women with disability in NSW.

Lab-grown meat - a cruelty free future?

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party brought on a ridiculous motion in Parliament about lab-grown meat, with so many inaccuracies and false claims. Abigail (and the entire rest of the chamber) voted against it, with Abigail speaking about the incredible possibilities of the blossoming lab-grown meat industry.  

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