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Wollar Community Says No More Coal

Abigail stood today to show support for the Wollar community, which has been and continues to be heavily impacted by coal mining. Abigail opposed the recent allocation for yet more coal mining in the area, and emphasised the urgent need to support our communities in transitioning away from coal.

Protecting Democracy in the Upper House

Last night Abigail spoke out against the NSW Government's attempt to impose a President on the Upper House despite their lack of majority votes. Today the Upper House continues its fundamental role in this democracy of holding the Government to account.

Greens Clean Air Bill Calls for Strict Emissions Restrictions

Today Abigail introduced the Greens' new Clean Air Bill, which will protect the health of our communities by setting stricter limits on toxic emissions and mandating the installation of emission control equipment that has been standard across the United States, Europe and China for many years. 

Greens to Chair Inquiry on Economic Impacts of Toll Roads

NSW Greens MP Abigail Boyd will be chairing a new parliamentary inquiry into the economic impacts of toll roads in NSW. The inquiry will look into the impact of Sydney's toll roads on economic inequality for long distance commuters, and whether selling off tolling revenue is in the long-term interests of the State's finances. 

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