Climate con-artists - Coalition’s offset scheme a dangerous deception

Once again, the Liberal-National Government is all talk and no substance when it comes to taking action on climate change.  Launching the scheme, the Liberals said that it will help NSW reach its emissions reduction targets. But the government’s own modelling anticipates an initial uptake of only 0.1%, resulting in just 0.02MT abated annually. 

TAHE is a ticking budget time-bomb - Greens recommit to defuse TAHE following Auditor-General report

Today’s scathing Auditor General’s report into the Design and Implementation of the Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) lays bare, in forensic detail, the true enormity of the damage that Perrottet’s pet project will inflict on the state finances. The Greens NSW have reiterated their commitment to dismantle the disastrous TAHE boondoggle, calling for honesty and transparency with state finances and an end to cynical budget trickery.

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