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Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2020

Today Abigail successfully negotiated an amendment to the Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 that will see a loophole that currently allows drivers of company cars to avoid detection for speeding or other reckless driving offences.

Saving the Iconic Manly Ferries

After hearing the news that the NSW Government wants to retire the iconic Freshwater-class Manly Ferries only to replace them with smaller, less capable ships, Abigail stood to ask that the Government retain the existing Freshwater-class ferries.

Greyhound Racing Industry Licence

Today Abigail blasted the NSW Government for continuing to hide Greyhound Racing NSW's licence even though an upcoming parliamentary inquiry has been tasked with investigating the appropriateness of the operating licence. 

Carers Week 2020

Today, in recognition of Carers Week 2020, Abigail passed a motion recognising the unpaid work of the 2.65 million carers across Australia and the need to meaningfully support people in these roles.

Racist Place Names

Today Abigail spoke in support of a motion that recognised the violent history NSW has against indigenous people, land and culture and the need to change offensive place names that idolise those who perpetrated historical violence and/or honour traditions or ideals that are symbolic of the dispossession of Aboriginal land. 

Fighting for Our Lives Book Launch

In recognition of the 35th anniversary of ACON and the publishing of Fighting for our Lives, today Abigail stood to speak in support of the work that ACON does and the ongoing relevance of it's mission for queer and gender diverse communities across the state.

Greens slam sham consultation process for Northern Rivers rail trail proposal

Following revelations from the former Mayor of Tweed that there was zero community consultation in her shire, the Greens are calling on the Liberal-National Coalition and the NSW Labor party to agree to an inquiry into the Bill that would see critical rail infrastructure in the Northern Rivers ripped up.

Meal on Wheels

Today Abigail spoke in support of a motion recognising the important contribution that Meals on Wheels makes to regional and rural communities. She paid particular tribute to the work of Ballina Greens MP Tamara Smith for her work in securing funding for the program locally.

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