Sexual Violence

Today in Question Time, Abigail requested the government update us on the work they are doing to end gendered and sexual violence.

Ms ABIGAIL BOYD (12:15): My question without notice is directed to the Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women. Given that it has been two years since theChange the course: National report on sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities (2017) was released by the Australian Human Rights Commission, and that yesterday was the national day of action against sexual violence, can the Government provide an update on what it has been doing to address the sexual violence crisis occurring in our State?

The Hon. BRONNIE TAYLOR (Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women) (12:15): I thank Ms Abigail Boyd for her question. The Government is constantly working on issues in relation to this. I note that she mentioned specifics about a report that was done two years ago. As the question refers to a member in the other place I will take it on notice and seek more detail. I point out to the honourable member that this year the New South Wales Government took the positive step of joining Our Watch and that will enhance our ability to look at all of those issues.

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