Greyhound e-tracking a sham

The NSW Government’s new so-called ‘whole of life e-tracking system’ is a sham that does not address the concerns of greyhound advocates that dogs are being transferred out of the industry (and so out of the tracking system) on paper and killed in reality. 

Greens' disability amendments passed into law!

Abigail passed THREE Greens' disability amendments into law this week, an incredible achievement which will now see LGBTIQ+ people with disability have their needs fully recognised, require Gov to undergo better community consultation, and strengthen the State Disability Inclusion Plan. 

Pride Month 2022

Happy Pride Month everyone! Pride Month celebrates the diversity and history of the LGBTIQ+ community, and marks the Stonewall Riots, a watershed moment in the fight for LGBTIQ+ liberation around the world. Queer rights have been long and hard fought, and reflecting on how far we've come as well as what still needs to be done is so important. 

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