Media Release: Greens table petition for proposed Wamberal Beach seawall to be stopped immediately until community and environmental concerns are investigated

NSW Greens MP and spokesperson for the Central Coast Abigail Boyd has today tabled the “Stop Wamberal Beach Seawall” petition in NSW Parliament. The petition received 1,377 signatures in 3 weeks, and was instigated by Corinne Lamont from community group Wamberal Beach Save Our Sand (SOS). 

The Central Coast community objects to the proposed Wamberal seawall put forth by Central Coast Council Administrator Rik Hart, which would exacerbate the broader problem of coastal erosion in the long-term and would have lasting catastrophic consequences on surrounding lagoon properties, sea flow, biodiversity and the climate. 

The petition calls for the seawall to be stopped immediately, until a comprehensive State Government Environmental Impact Study (EIS) has been completed and adequate consultation has occurred. The petition also calls for Wamberal Beach to stay in public hands by stopping all public land transfers. 


Quotes attributed to Greens MP and spokesperson for the Central Coast, Hunter and Newcastle regions: 

“A seawall is never the right solution to manage coastal erosion - it just shifts the problem further up the beach and onto nearby homes and businesses. A 2017 Government study made it clear that a sea wall would be costly and dangerous, and that planned retreat was the only sensible option - but Central Coast Council’s Administrator Rik Hart has nevertheless persisted with these reckless plans for a sea wall.

“It’s no doubt devastating for the owners of properties along that strip, but we just can’t put the broader community at risk just to save a few homes temporarily. There’s no point arguing with nature - we need a long-term solution that recognises the science and serves the whole community.

“This is just the latest example of a Council out of touch with the needs of the broader community and a reminder of how much we have all suffered as a result of the refusal to let the community chose democratically-elected councillors to replace this Administrator,” Abigail said.


Quotes attributed to Stop Wamberal Seawall Campaign:

“Labor campaigned locally on ‘no seawall’ in the lead up to the last election. The electorate responded with a massive swing to Labor. So, we are now calling on David Harris MP, Minister for the Central Coast, and Penny Sharpe MLC, Government Legislative Council Leader and Environment Minister, to deliver on their election promise. 

“We call on all members of the Legislative Council to back this petition to save the beach and protect hundreds of families living around the lagoons who would cop increased flooding due to seawall end effects.” Corinne Lamont said.


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