Save Manipur, Save Women

Today in Parliament Abigail passed a motion condemning the horrific violence against Kuki-zo women occurring in Manipur. NSW stands in solidarity with the Manipur community. 

(1)That this House recognises that:

(a)on Thursday 3 August 2023 an event "Save Manipur, Save Women" was held at Parliament to recognise the horrific atrocities of gendered sexual violence against women that have occurred over several months in Manipur, and to stand in solidarity with women in Manipur as well as all members of the Indian diaspora here in Australia;

(b)the event was attended by many faith-based and non-faith-based individuals of the Indian diasporic community, as well as the following people:

(i)Mary Biakmawii Mizo, Manipuri Woman and advocate;

(ii)Reverend James Jacob, Holy Spirit Ministries Australia;

(iii)Ms Abigail Boyd, Greens, MLC;

(iv)Mr Anthony D'Adam, Labor, MLC;

(v)Ms Durga Owen, lawyer and community advocate;

(vi)M. Philipps Immaraj, public officer of Narraweena Baptist Church;

(vii)Mr Salahuddin, Tamil Australian Muslim Society;

(viii)Ms Lee Rhiannon, former Greens senator;

(ix)Ms Emma Hurst, Animal Justice Party, MLC; and

(x)Haroon Kasim, community advocate.

(2)That this House notes that:

(a)since May 2023 in the Indian state of Manipur, at least 180 people have been killed, over 60,000 people have been forced to flee their homes, over 250 churches and Hindu temples have been destroyed, and hundreds of women have been targeted with sexual violence;

(b)the Kuki community and especially Kuki women have been significantly impacted by the recent violence in Manipur;

(c)peak domestic and international organisations including Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi [KKL], Kuki Inpi Manipur [KIM] and Human Rights Watch have called for urgent and immediate health interventions in the state of Manipur to address the health crisis, which is seeing numerous outbreaks of viral infections in refugee camps and in the community affecting children and women most prominently; and

(d)Human Rights Watch, a peak international non-government organisation, has publicly argued that state authorities in Manipur have facilitated the recent conflict with "divisive policies that promote Hindu majoritarianism".

(3)That this House calls on the Government and all members in this place to stand in solidarity with the Manipur community, and to amplify and support calls for justice, peace and recognition of constitutional rights for all minority, Dalit and indigenous communities across India.

Motion agreed to.

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