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Domestic Violence Statistics

In light of the alarming increase in usage of domestic violence support services since the onset of COVID-19, Abigail moved a motion recognising this increase and the urgent need for additional, secure funding for the sector.

Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Sex Workers) Bill 2020

Today Abigail introduced The Greens Bill to protect sex workers from discrimination by amending the anti-discrimination act. This long overdue reform that has been called for by the sector for quite some time will ensure sex workers are no longer denied services or refused housing. Read Abigail's speech below.

Build-To-Rent Bill 2020

Rising in opposition to the Government's Bill that would allow corporations and investors to build homes solely to rent them out for profit, Abigail moved a number of amendments and put on the record The Greens view that housing is a fundamental human right.

Greenlight for Coal Mining in Wollombi

Given that the Government's recently released Future of Coal Statement explicitly acknowledges long-term uncertainty regarding the future demand for coal, Abigail took the opportunity presented in Question Time to ask why the Government has given the green light for potential coal exploration in and around Wollombi.

Disability Advocacy Services Correspondence

Today Abigail successfully moved that all internal Government correspondence in relation to the funding of essential disability advocacy services be publicly released. This comes after months of refusing to commit long-term, secure funding for the sector. 

Greyhound Welfare

Given that greyhounds are currently being kept in cages that are three metres squared for up 19hrs a day, Abigail today asked the Government if any Minister would be willing to spend their time locked in a cage of similar size and scope. Their response will not surprise you.

Berejiklian Government chooses to prop up the gas industry at the expense of community and climate

The Greens have slammed the Liberals' decision to back Santos' Narrabri gas project today. The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has recommended the controversial project be approved "with strict conditions", and Planning Minister Rob Stokes has called on the IPC to hand down a decision within 12 weeks. 

COVID-19 and the State Economy

Given the impact that COVID-19 has had on our economy, today Abigail moved a motion recognising that to tackle this crisis we have to move beyond austerity and begin a just-transition to a renewable driven future.

COVID-19 and Young People

Today Abigail spoke in support of a motion recognising the impacts of COVID-19 on young people, especially in relation to employment opportunities, and the need for the government to provide additional support. 

Disability Advocacy Services Funding

After months and months of stalling, today Abigail asked again why the NSW Government had failed to commit to long-term, secure funding for independent disability advocacy services despite the recommendation from the Ageing & Disability Commissioner for NSW.

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