Media Release: Greens NSW reaffirm support for offshore wind and slam dishonest campaigning from those opposing transition to renewables

5 December 2023

In the face of escalating misinformation and campaigning by anti-renewables groups over offshore wind zones, the Greens NSW have reaffirmed their support for offshore wind as a key component of the transition away from fossil fuels.

At the State Delegates Council over the weekend, the Greens NSW passed a motion in support of the Labor Government’s regulatory framework for offshore wind, and to give support to windfarms to be constructed and commissioned in proposed areas in the Pacific Ocean off the Illawarra and Newcastle regions, subject to rigorous and appropriate approvals processes, governed in particular by the EPBC Act.

Quotes attributable to Abigail Boyd, Greens NSW MP and spokesperson for Energy:

“Offshore wind is going to deliver enormous, reliable generation capacity and fuel the jobs-rich clean energy transition we urgently need - that’s why we are so strongly in favour of the technology.

“Our support for offshore wind is grounded in the scientific, environmental and economic necessity and desirability of this form of energy generation. Offshore wind carries enormous potential for us to transition away from fossil fuels quickly, with the capacity to generate huge amounts of energy 24 hours a day, which is of course why the fossil fuel industry and their political puppets are fighting so hard to stop it.

“There has been a cynical and concerted effort by conservative forces to attempt to oppose these offshore wind zones to progress their fossil fuel agenda.

“Conservatives like Dutton and the MPs from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party are trying to brand themselves as environmentalists, pedalling misleading industry lobbyist claims about the potential environmental impacts of these projects. What a joke - if you truly cared about the environment and not just about propping up your own interests in a dying industry, you’d stop supporting new coal and gas projects.

“In light of emerging social licence issues that are being weaponised by right-wing forces, the Greens are also calling on Labor to commit to  mandate stronger community benefit sharing measures to deliver much-needed funding to nearby communities as soon as possible. In addition to the jobs they’ll provide, these projects could generate millions of additional revenue every year for local councils to use to provide for their communities,” Abigail said.


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