Media Release: The NSW greyhound racing industry is beyond reform

9 July 2024

Following media reports of the contents of the letter from the former chief vet at Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW), the CEO of GRNSW, Mr Macauley has announced his resignation.

While Mr Macaulay’s resignation is welcome, his departure offers no solution or resolution to the extremely disturbing revelations contained in the letter of the former chief vet, and substantiated by brave whistleblowers, ex-employees and ex-contractors.

The greyhound racing industry is an industry incapable of reform, and the Greens NSW are calling for it to be shut down, with a workforce transition plan instituted by the NSW Government and tracks across the state returned to public green space or other socially beneficial purposes.  

Quotes attributable to Abigail Boyd, Greens NSW Spokesperson for Animal Welfare:

“Recent revelations from greyhound industry whistleblower insiders are just the latest evidence of the hopelessly irredeemable nature of this cruel and abusive industry.

“The NSW greyhound racing industry was given a second chance in 2016, but it’s clear that it is incapable of being reformed. Time and time again, we have heard damning and well-documented evidence of cruel and corrupt practices across the industry including live baiting, doping, discarded greyhounds, cruel kennel conditions and fudged rehoming numbers.

“This is an industry fuelled by gambling that will always put profits and prize money above the welfare of greyhounds. How many more greyhounds must suffer at the hands of this cruel industry before we finally begin shutting it down?

“The resignation of Mr Macaulay is both overdue and insufficient. This fish was rotten long before this head came on the scene.

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