Support a future for Bylong

The potential threat of a new coal mine can see once thriving-communities gutted. Local residents face years of campaigning and fighting to protect their local area, while others are driven out of the area for fear of the environmental impact coal mining will have on air and water quality, local amenities and livelihoods. The NSW Court of Appeal has thankfully rejected KEPCO’s appeal against an earlier refusal to allow it to mine coal in the Bylong Valley. Now it’s time for land in the Bylong Valley to be given back to the community so they can have a chance to regrow.

Greens Bill Introduced to Ensure No Greyhound Disappears

Abigail Boyd, Greens NSW Upper House MP and animal welfare spokesperson, has this morning introduced the Greyhound Racing Amendment (Whole-of-life Tracking) Bill to the NSW Parliament, which will allow genuine whole-of-life tracking of all greyhounds that have been involved in the racing industry. 

No More Animal Testing

Today Abigail supported a motion to require greater transparency from the NSW Government on all incidents of welfare concerns regarding animals used for medical research. Abigail indicated the Greens' stance against the animal experimentation industry.

Greens' Bill to Ensure No More Missing Greyhounds

Today Abigail introduced the Greens' Greyhound Whole-of-Life Tracking Bill, which will close the loophole in the law to account for all greyhounds from birth to death and ensure that no more greyhounds slip through the cracks of the racing industry. 

Wollar Community Says No More Coal

Abigail stood today to show support for the Wollar community, which has been and continues to be heavily impacted by coal mining. Abigail opposed the recent allocation for yet more coal mining in the area, and emphasised the urgent need to support our communities in transitioning away from coal.

Protecting Democracy in the Upper House

Last night Abigail spoke out against the NSW Government's attempt to impose a President on the Upper House despite their lack of majority votes. Today the Upper House continues its fundamental role in this democracy of holding the Government to account.

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