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Budget Reply 2019

Disappointed in the 2019 Budget, Abigail spoke in Parliament about how this Government's obsession with privatisation, austerity and putting corporations before public good is impacting the most vulnerable in our community.

Safe State Funding

Very disappointingly, the Government has failed to adopt the funding recommendations in the Safe State plan to end sexual and gendered violence. Today in Question Time, Abigail asked the Minister for Women the obvious question: why not? Unsatisfied with the response, she asked a supplementary question and followed it up in the Take Note Debate.

NSW Not Fooled by Treasurer Perrottet’s Pretty Packaging

Commenting on the 2019-20 NSW Budget, Greens spokesperson for Treasury and Finance Abigail Boyd said that it’s like the unveiling of a new Apple product – essentially the same product as last year’s, with new features we didn’t want, none of the old problems fixed; wrapped up with spin and pretty packaging. “What do we expect from a government that calls the people of New South Wales its ‘customers’?

Parliament Supports Greens’ Demands for Sales Contracts of Vales Point and Eraring Power Stations

Today the NSW Legislative Council has supported the Greens’ call for the government to release the sales contracts for Vales Point and Eraring power stations. The government has 21 days to table the documents.The sale of Vales Point power station for $1 million in 2015 has been controversial since it was revalued to $730 million in 2017. As part of the $50 million sale of Eraring in 2013, the NSW government agreed to pay Origin $300 million compensation for the right to break a contract guaranteeing the power station coal supplied from the Cobbora mine.

Ageing & Disability Commissioner Bill

With a Bill before Parliament to appoint an Ageing & Disability Commissioner, Abigail successfully moved a number of amendments to strengthen their powers and resources in addition to fighting for long-term disability advocacy funding.

Sex Worker Rights

Today in Parliament, Abigail used her first Adjournment Speech to acknowledge the strength, dignity and resilience of those working in one of the world’s oldest professions - sex work - and to call for an end to the stigma faced by sex workers across the country.

Greyhound Racing Industry

Abigail used her first Private Members Statement to call for the toxic greyhound racing industry to be shut down, speaking loudly and clearly over interruptions from members of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.

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