Greens commit to uncouple government from parasitic consultants and rebuild our public sector

Media Release: Greens commit to uncouple government from parasitic consultants and rebuild our public sector

In light of the Auditor-General’s report released today entitled ‘NSW government agencies' use of consultants’, Greens NSW spokesperson for Treasury Abigail Boyd said:

One of my first acts in the new term of parliament will be to call for a parliamentary inquiry into government use of consultants, with an aim to reorienting government’s relationship with these consultants.

“This report reveals that over $1 billion of public money has been spent on consultants in the last 5 years. What have we got to show for it? We’ve drained our public sector of talent and capacity while chaining ourselves to costly private consultants.

“Consultants and contractors are creeping their way into the core functions of government, infantilising our public sector and setting us up to be increasingly dependent in the future.

“We need to rethink the role of the state and rebuild our public sector.

“Over a decade of conservative rule in NSW, and four decades of free market ideology, has infantalised our public sector and emboldened successive governments to embark upon this mass privatisation by stealth. There has been much discourse around privatisation in this election, and it’s well overdue. This report shows that the rot runs deep, and that the Liberal-National government has sold off core functions of our government to shameless hacks.

“What use is a government that doesn’t have a vision, that doesn’t want to lead or to deliver for the people? The Liberal-National government has come to see their role as the facilitator and enabler in chief, the bottomless pit and financial backstop for a parasitic private sector that trades on swagger and bravado and denigrates the value of our hardworking public servants.”

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