Women's World Cup Victory Marred By Sexual Violence

Today in Parliament, Abigail passed a motion in solidarity with Jenni Hermoso and called upon the NSW Government to commit to stamping out sexual assault and all forms of gendered abuse across all NSW sporting codes.

Abigail said:

I give notice that on the next sitting day I will move:

(1) That this House notes that: 

  • following the enormous success of the Women’s World Cup, the celebration of women’s sport and skill as well as the international conversations the event sparked around gender equality, the final match, ending in victory for the Spanish team, was marred by Spanish Soccer Federation president Luis Rubiales forcibly kissing World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso,
  • in response, on 26 August 2023, the entire coaching staff, consisting of eleven members of the Spanish national women’s soccer program, jointly announced their resignation,
  • 79 Spanish women’s football players signed a letter refusing to play for their country until Luis Rubiales resigned as president, and
  • following Hermoso’s statement and condemnation of Rubiales’ actions, the Spanish football Federation threatened Hermoso with legal action, accusing her of ‘lying about being kissed.’

(2) That this House notes that: 

  • in a moment of celebration for women’s achievement, an act of sexual violence was perpetrated against Jenni Hermoso by one of the most powerful men in Spanish football,
  • even when an act of violence is televised internationally, the dignity and testimony put forward by Hermoso has been the subject of ridicule and a potential lawsuit, and
  • this is a cogent example of the way in which these matters are handled by politicians, the media and others that deter women from speaking out when they are subjected to sexual and gendered violence.

(3) That this House calls on the NSW Government and all members in this place to:

  • give their support to Jenni Hermoso, the footballers who are refusing to play in solidarity and all coaching staff who have resigned,
  • commit to stamping out sexual assault, harassment and all forms of gendered abuse across sporting codes in New South Wales.

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