We did it! Free period products for public school students

Everyone deserves access to basic sanitation. Which is why earlier this month I asked you to join me in calling for free period products to be provided for all public school students who need them. 

So I’m delighted to tell you that the NSW Government has heard us loud and clear.

Yesterday it was announced that 30 public schools across Western Sydney and Dubbo will be provided with free period products for a two term trial. 

Dispensers will be provided with period products including pads and tampons at no cost to the participating schools or students. 

This is a huge step in the right direction that will lift thousands of public school students out of period poverty — and is in large part thanks to your advocacy. 

Thank you to everyone who emailed the NSW Education Minister demanding that free period products be provided to all public school students. The pressure we applied has helped us to secure this win today.

Of course, we won’t be stopping here. There are 150,000 public school students who menstruate across NSW and this trial won’t cover all of them. My team and I will keep a close eye on the trial and will continue to campaign loudly for all public schools to be given free period products.

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