Tribute to Cal Wilson, beloved comedian, actor, radio and TV presenter

Today Abigail paid tribute to Cal Wilson, who touched the lives of countless Australians. 

Abigail said: I move: 

(1) That this House notes with sadness the recent passing of beloved New Zealand born comedian, author, radio and television presenter, Cal Wilson, whose generosity, talent and friendship touched the lives of many in the Australian comedy scene, and who:

(a) was renowned for her performances at Melbourne Comedy Festival for 14 years, and was a member of its board;

(b) starred in many well-known Australian television shows includingSpicks and Specks,Good News Week,Skithouse,The Great Australian Bake-Off,Whose Line is it Anyway,SlideShow and more; and

(c) was a renowned children's fiction author ofGeorge and the Great Brain Swappery andGeorge and the Great Bum Stampede.

(2) That this House acknowledges Cal's significant and lasting impact on Australia's comedy scene, and passes on its deepest condolences to friends and family.


Read the full transcript in Hansard here.

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