Support a future for Bylong

The potential threat of a new coal mine can see once thriving-communities gutted. Local residents face years of campaigning and fighting to protect their local area, while others are driven out of the area for fear of the environmental impact coal mining will have on air and water quality, local amenities and livelihoods.

The NSW Court of Appeal has thankfully rejected KEPCO’s appeal against an earlier refusal to allow it to mine coal in the Bylong Valley. Now it’s time for land in the Bylong Valley to be given back to the community so they can have a chance to regrow.

We are calling on the NSW Government to extinguish KEPCO’s coal licence and to assist with the buyback of the land for use by local residents and farming families. 

There is no economic or environmental future for coal, but if the NSW government acts swiftly and surely, there could still be a future for the Bylong Valley community.

No community should be put through this heartache. The writing is on the wall for coal – we need to act urgently to ensure that it does no more damage to communities like the Bylong Valley. And that is why we are also calling for an end to coal exploration and new coal projects in NSW.


Sign our petition now to support a future for the Bylong Valley community, and for an end to destructive thermal coal mining in NSW.



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