Solidarity with all actors using art as a form of protest

Today in Parliament Abigail gave notice of a motion in solidarity with The Seagull actors who wore keffiyeh in protest of the genocide in Gaza. 

28 November, 2023

Abigail said: 

(1) That this House notes that:

(a) on Saturday 25 November at the opening night production of The Seagull, actors during curtain call wore a traditional keffiyeh in protest against the genocide in Gaza and ongoing occupation of Palestinian Territories, and 

(b) art is a fundamental avenue for people to express their views and call out injustices by bringing a voice to social issues that matter to them. 

(2) That this House:

(a) stands in solidarity with the artists from The Seagull and all artists using their craft to express their solidarity with Palestinians and protest against the genocide in Gaza and the ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine, and

(b) calls on Sydney Theatre Company and the NSW Government to protect the right to freedom of expression through art by supporting all artists to do so.

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