Solidarity with Port Botany blockade of ZIM Shipping

Today in Parliament Abigail gave a speech in solidarity with peaceful protesters in Port Botany, and calling for their charges to be dropped.

22 November, 2023

Abigail said:

The Greens are proud to stand in solidarity with the brave and peaceful protesters who blockaded Hutchison Ports Australia at Port Botany against ZIM shipping, which had a vessel docked in port last night. ZIM shipping is a company heavily integrated into the Israeli Defense Forces and is complicit in delivering weapons to be used against peaceful, trapped civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Through successful and sustained boycott actions, just like those taken against apartheid in South Africa, we can exert our strength in the struggle for global justice and liberation. We condemn the violence and intimidation tactics used by police against a peaceful blockade by concerned citizens. This is part of a terrifying pattern of fascist behaviour by the New South Wales Government on its rapid descent into a police state, wielding the violent coercive forces of the police against peaceful, civil society actors. So far at least seven individuals have been charged with disrupting a major facility under section 214A of the Crimes Act. This is the offence that was shamefully waved through by the major political parties as they rushed through the repressive and anti‑democratic anti-protest laws in Parliament last year. The New South Wales Government must immediately repeal these draconian laws and call for the charges against protesters to be dropped.

Read the full transcript in Hansard here.

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