Sex Work is Work

All workers, no matter their chosen profession, should be treated with dignity and respect inside and outside their workplace. 

Yet despite New South Wales decriminalising sex work in 1995, sex workers are still routinely discriminated against. They are denied housing, refused services and are unnecessarily exposed to risks that other workers aren’t.

Which is why I’ve introduced a bill that would protect sex workers from discrimination by amending the Anti-Discrimination Act.

The Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Sex Workers) Bill 2020 is a long overdue reform that will protect sex workers from many of the worst forms of discrimination.

It would mean that sex workers can safely search for housing, apply for essential services and report harassment or other crimes with the knowledge that they are protected from discrimination.

It’s been 27 years since NSW became a world leader by decriminalising sex work. Since then we’ve seen huge improvements in the health and wellbeing of sex workers and their clients. Yet the stigma around those working in this industry remains.

It’s time to end that stigma, stop the discrimination and finally protect sex workers from harassment for simply doing their job.

Sign our petition calling for sex workers to be protected under the Anti-Discrimination Act now.


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