Registered Nurses in Nursing Homes Inquiry

Today Abigail stood briefly to speak in support of the need into an inquiry into the provision of registered nurses in aged care facilities.

Ms ABIGAIL BOYD (10:59:38): I make a brief contribution in support of the motion on behalf of The Greens. We pride ourselves on the provision of universal health care. Over the past year it has been horrifying hearing the stories about our aged-care system. One cannot escape from the fact that aged care in this country has turned into an opportunity to make a profit. As a result we have a reduced standard of care in our aged-care facilities. I thank the Hon. Mark Banasiak for moving the motion to establish a select inquiry. I acknowledge the work of former Greens MLC Ms Jan Barham, who in 2015 chaired an inquiry into registered nurses in New South Wales nursing homes. It is deeply shameful that the Government failed to meaningfully implement the recommendations of that inquiry. I have heard what the Government has said about the workload on our committee staff at the moment, but the upper House has an opportunity to investigate issues that are important to the people of New South Wales and to take those issues very seriously. It is a priority that this House investigates this matter and The Greens fully support the motion.

For the full transcript of the debate visit the NSW Parliament website.

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