Non-answers from the Minister for Racing on dodgy and unwanted greyhound facility proposal

Abigail questioned the Minister for Racing on the proposed large-scale greyhound rehoming facility in Martindale, which is hugely unwanted by community and animal welfare advocates. The answers received were non-answers, leaving us still questioning the transparency around GRNSW's intentions and actions.

Abigail asked the Minister for Lands and Water, and Minister for Hospitality and Racing the following questions: 

(1) With regards to DA 2021/129 by Greyhound Racing NSW to Muswellbrook Council for a proposed large scale greyhound boarding and training facility at 1949 Martindale Rd, Martindale, is this $33 million development to be funded by public money, such as through a public grant from the Government?

(a) If not, how will the development be funded?

(2) With regards to the sale of Bylong Park to Greyhound Racing NSW, was this in any way conditional to pre-approval of DA 2021/129?

(a) Was there any other connection between the sale and DA 2021/129?

(3) Was there any community consultation done prior to the proposal being submitted with:

(a) Residents?

(b) Community groups?

(c) Animal welfare organisations?

(4) Is the Minister aware that community residents have voiced extensive concerns about the proposed development?

(5) Will there be any future consultation with the community as the proposal undergoes further consideration?

(6) Why is this proposal not considered to be an integrated development requiring separate planning permission under NSW Planning SEPP 33 Hazardous and Offensive Development?

The Minister for Racing's answers:

(1) No.

(a) Funding of the proposal is a matter for Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW).


  • The sale of the property to GRNSW is a commercial matter between GRNSW and the property vendor.
  • The determination of the development application for the proposal, as well as community consultation requirements, is a matter for Muswellbrook Shire Council in accordance with local planning controls.
  • It is noted that GRNSW has held several community information sessions about the proposal.

(6) Questions regarding the application of State Environmental Planning Policy requirements should be directed to the Minister for Planning, the Hon Anthony Roberts MP.


For the full transcript see Hansard here.


For more information about the issue, visit this link to see comments from Abigail Boyd on the unwanted GRNSW proposal.

You can support the Martindale community by visiting this link and signing the petition objecting to the development proposal.


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