Is reciting the Lord's Prayer in Parliament still appropriate in 2023?

Separate religion from the state! Today in Parliament Abigail challenged the archaic process of reciting the Lord's Prayer within NSW Parliament proceedings. 

Abigail gave notice of the following motion:

I give notice that on the next sitting day I will move:

(1) That the Procedure Committee inquire into and report on the appropriateness of and alternatives to the recitation of the prayers under Standing Order 28 (the Lord’s Prayer) at the commencement of proceedings each day, including the appropriateness and suitability of alternatives including:

  • replacing the Lord’s Prayer with a minute’s silence for prayer and reflection,
  • replacing the Lord’s Prayer with prayers from a number of different religions, to be recited either together each day or in turn on separate days,
  • replacing the Lord’s Prayer with a secular reflection on Members’ responsibility to the people of New South Wales, and
  • the abolition of the Lord’s Prayer, without replacing the reading of the Lord’s Prayer with an alternative practice.

 (2) That the committee reports by June 2024.

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