Don't Bulldoze Blackheath

The future of freight is on rail. The NSW Government’s own report* agrees, saying “rail freight offers a fast, reliable, and safe alternative to roads”.

But instead of building the rail network of the future, capable of meeting our long-term freight transportation needs, the NSW Coalition wants to bulldoze homes and businesses in the historic towns of Medlow Bath and Blackheath to make way for a duplication of the Great Western Highway.

The Coalition say they’ve consulted, but the options presented to the community have ranged from bad to worse — and not a single one considered rail as the answer.

That’s why The Greens are calling for a halt to construction on the duplication of the Great Western Highway pending serious investigation into instead moving more freight to rail. 


* According to the Transport for NSW, NSW Freight & Ports Plan 2018-2023


Will you sign?