Greens motion calls for government to properly fund NSW electoral commission

Budget estimates recently showed that the NSW Electoral Commission is not adequately funded. 

In September budget estimates revealed that the NSW Electoral Commission's resourcing for special interest groups on an ongoing basis has been cut to just one staff member on an ongoing basis. 

The Greens' motion called on the Government to properly fund the NSW Electoral Commission. 

Ms ABIGAIL BOYD (14:43): I move:

(1)That this House notes that according to evidence given by the NSW Electoral Commissioner at a budget estimates hearing on 7 September 2022:

(a)the Victorian Electoral Commission has 11 full-time staff as well as an additional 75 part-time democracy ambassadors in the community fulfilling the democratic functions of the commission;

(b)the NSW Electoral Commission has a significantly reduced resourcing capacity of only one staff who is funded on an ongoing basis for all work with Aboriginal, cultural and linguistically diverse, people with disability and other vulnerable people in the community; and

(c)the NSW Electoral Commission is unable to adequately engage with interest groups and special needs groups within the community because they are not funded to do so.

(2)That this House affirms that the NSW Electoral Commission plays a key role in the State of democracy in New South Wales, and that engagement with vulnerable individuals, marginalised individuals and/or individuals who experience disproportionate barriers to voting (including people with disability, First Nations people and culturally and linguistically diverse people) is fundamental to a well-functioning democracy.

(3)That this House calls on the Government to commit to fully fund the NSW Electoral Commission in order for it to fulfill its essential functions and adequately engage with vulnerable members of the community.

Motion agreed to.

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