Greens call for Government overhaul and single Ministry responding to Domestic Violence

This International Women’s Day, the Greens are calling for a single dedicated Ministry within the Premier and Cabinet cluster which has responsibility for both the prevention of and frontline responses to domestic and family violence.

A shift to a central government unit responsible for sexual, domestic, and family violence was one of the 49 asks of the Safe State policy platform put forward by the NSW Women’s Alliance.

Abigail Boyd, Greens NSW Upper House MP and Spokesperson for Domestic & Family Violence, says:

“Instead of prioritising support for those experiencing violence, this government is passing responsibility between at least three Ministries and three pots of money.

“More than one woman a week is being murdered, but Coalition Ministers are too busy avoiding responsibility to deal with the crisis.

“The sector has been telling us we need a single and unified body that prevents and responds to domestic and family violence. It’s well past time to listen to the experts and those on the frontline.

“The current structure has resulted in an overly bureaucratic and siloed response to an issue that requires holistic, interconnected solutions.

“It’s not good enough to have judicial concerns rest with one Minister, funding decisions on frontline services with another and cultural change issues with a third. And then there are the overlaps with the health and education departments - with no unifying dedicated Minister, it’s not surprising that this Government has made so little progress in addressing the domestic violence epidemic.

“The reality is that no one is actually accountable to the women and children whose lives have been uprooted by violence. This has to change.

“The Greens are calling for a single government Department to focus on dealing with this crisis head-on, meaningfully support survivors of domestic violence, and prevent it from continuing to happen.”

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