Government Agrees to Provide Funding for Voices for Change Program

Today Abigail successfully passed a motion calling for sustainable and long-term funding for Voices For Change, a program that platforms the voices of victim-survivors of domestic violence.

Abigail said:

(1) That this House commends the Voices For Change program initiated by Domestic Violence NSW [DVNSW] in 2018 which aims to:

(a) empower and support women who have experienced domestic violence, allowing them to speak out and lobby for change; and

(b) contribute to changing community attitudes and behaviours towards violence against women, including supporting media to accurately report domestic and family violence.

(2) That this House notes that, according to DVNSW's Voices For Change report published in July 2021:

(a) between 2018 and 2020, Voices For Change advocates participated in over 100 media stories, public speaking opportunities, advocacy activities with the Government, and policy, service development, and resource co-design initiatives; and

(b) Voices For Change has had great success in building strong connections between DVNSW and media professionals, having published 56 stories through online and print media platforms, social media, podcasts, and television between 2018 and 2020.

(3) That this House calls on the Government to provide sustainable and long-term funding for the Voices For Change program.


The full transcript can be found on Hansard, here.

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