Eraring Power Station

Concerned about the lack of action in addressing potential contamination at Eraring Power station, Abigail asked the government what steps they were taking to address this looming crisis.

Ms ABIGAIL BOYD (14:53): My question is directed to the mental health Minister, representing the Minister for Energy and Environment. What steps has the Government taken, or will it take, to ensure that the coal ash dam at Origin Energy's Eraring power station does not fail? What plan does the Government have in place to respond to any dam breach to limit the impact of the resulting toxic pollution on our waterways, roads, properties and community spaces in the Myuna Bay area?

The Hon. BRONNIE TAYLOR (Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women) (14:54): I thank the honourable member for her first question in this place. Congratulations. I shall take the question on notice, refer it to the Minister for Energy and Environment, seek further details and provide an answer in due course.

Find the full Hansard transcript here.

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