Kickstart the EV Revolution

Electric vehicles are better for our environment, cheaper to refuel and maintain, and emit no greenhouse gas pollution when powered by renewable energy. Which is why the NSW Treasurer’s recently announced plan to tax EV owners is such a huge step backwards.

A tax on electric vehicles would put the brakes on the uptake of EVs in NSW. Our government should be phasing out the internal combustion engine, not putting taxes on its cleaner competitors.

That’s why we’re calling for the NSW Government to rule-out a tax on EVs in NSW and commit to incentives to kickstart their uptake.

The transport sector already makes up about 20% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. At a time when we’re already facing the effects of climate change, we simply cannot afford a government that is not taking bold, decisive action to slash our transport pollution.

Sign our petition calling for proper incentives to kickstart EV uptake and to rule-out a regressive tax for EV owners now. 

Will you sign?