Criminalise Coercive Control

Everyone deserves to feel safe at home. But for so many, home is where they are most at risk. 

Currently at least one woman is murdered by a current or former partner every week. We need to do more to protect victims of domestic violence and abuse.

We can start by recognising the full spectrum of domestic violence and abuse in our laws.

When people think of domestic abuse, they tend to think of physical violence. But domestic abuse is often more complex than that. Many victims of domestic abuse live in a constant state of fear, in relationships marked by dangerous patterns of controlling behaviour. This abuse is called ‘coercive control’.

We know that most women who have been murdered by a current or former partner were subject to controlling behaviour before they were killed. 

But the law currently doesn’t recognise patterns of controlling behaviour as a crime. Our laws need to change to protect victims of all domestic abuse and to prevent more tragic murders.

Sign our petition calling for the law to recognise coercive control as domestic abuse.

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