Corporate profits first. Commuters last.

The Liberals' sell-off of the three remaining publicly - operated bus regions in Sydney spells disaster for affected communities with commuters expected to suffer from more delays and poorer service.

“Once again the NSW Liberal-National government has put corporate interests ahead of getting commuters to work on time.” said upper house MP and Greens NSW Transport & Infrastructure spokesperson, Abigail Boyd.

“Every time this government has sold off public transport services it has seen decreased patronage, more delays and lower commuter satisfaction.

“In Newcastle after the sell-off patronage dropped 7.75%. Over a year later it’s still a disaster.”

“In the Inner West in 2017 the same story played out with buses running on time dropping from 93.5% to 90.5%.

“Yet they want to repeat this failed experiment in the Eastern Suburbs, on the North Shore and Northern Beaches.”

“If Andrew Constance and the Liberals were serious about busting congestion they would be investing in our services to deliver world class, publicly-owned, transport solutions.

“And that would mean not just flogging off our infrastructure to the highest corporate bidder.”

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