AFR: Scope of Switkowski’s PwC review revealed

The review of PwC Australia’s operations by former Telstra chief executive Ziggy Switkowski will not examine the firm’s tax leaks scandal or past conduct at the firm, according to its previously secret terms of reference.

Instead, the review will focus on ways the firm can reform its governance structure, how leaders are held to account and the culture of the organisation.

The scope of the Switkowski review, announced on May 15, were released as part of PwC’s response to questions on notice from Greens MP Abigail Boyd as part of a NSW parliamentary inquiry into consultants.


The scandal, first releaved by The Australian Financial Review, involves former PwC partner Peter Collins sharing secret government information that was used by PwC personnel to advise clients on how to sidestep new tax laws.

Ms Boyd said the firm should release the legal reports into the tax leaks matter. “I just think what they [PwC] have done here [with the Switkowski review] is more smoke and mirrors – and this is the one they will make public. This is different to the investigations about what when wrong. This is no assurance that PwC will be righting [its] culture,” she said.


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Source: Tadros, E., Australian Financial Review, "Scope of Switkowski’s PwC review revealed", published 26 July 2023,

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