Greens call on Government to listen to the sector, slam Right to Know Scheme

The Greens have criticised the Government’s ‘Right to Know’ scheme announcement for once again putting announceables above evidence-based policy backed by domestic violence experts.

The Greens are calling on the Government to stop playing political games with DV and to actually implement evidence-based policies in consultation with experts in the sector.

Abigail Boyd, Greens NSW MP and spokesperson for Domestic Violence and Abuse, said: 

“Once again, the Liberal-National Government is failing to listen to what the experts are actually asking for.

“This government is being dictated to by reactive right wing media, not developing evidence-based policy in consultation with the sector.

“We know that only a tiny minority of domestic violence perpetrators actually have a conviction recorded. This risks giving women a false sense of security that the red flags they have detected in their partner are unfounded. 

“The trial that this scheme is based on was a failure, and by green-lighting it now the Government is once again showing they care more about shiny new announcements than actually protecting women. 

“This money would be better spent on ensuring that the existing domestic violence bail notification program does its job, and by funding the domestic violence sector to continue delivering evidence-based services with a track record of helping victim-survivors.

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