No nuking our renewables!

The renewed debate about nuclear power is a dangerous smokescreen for keeping coal and gas in our system for longer. 

The only ones who stand to benefit from this nuclear distraction are the fossil fuel industry – while we’re all arguing over a nuclear scheme that is doomed to fail, they’re banking on us being distracted from the fact that both Labor and the Coalition are continuing to support the expansion of coal and gas.

The Coalition plan for nuclear is really a plan for more fossil fuels, and to kill renewables. The Coalition nuclear strategy requires, and is built on the desire to, “pour more gas into the market.” The nuclear delusion would see your power bills go up, as well as our emissions. It’s not a serious idea, but this attempt to nuke renewables could have very serious ramifications for our planet, environment and economy.

Turning to nuclear power would be a catastrophic and backward step, causing energy prices and carbon emissions to surge while leaving future generations with the toxic legacy of radioactive waste. 

Sign the petition now to say no to nuking our renewables!

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