Treasury's TAHE: a Ticking Time Bomb

State’s budget risks unravelling with yet more revelations about TAHE’s questionable finances

In a highly charged hearing of the PAC today there were fresh revelations about the breakdown in relationships between Treasury and the Audit Office and the economic fundamentals of the growing scandal that is the Transport Asset Holding Entity.

Greens MP and Treasury spokesperson Abigail Boyd said:

“The evidence we received today from the Transport Secretary throws real doubt on TAHE’s financial viability and risks unravelling the state’s accounts. 

“It was deeply disturbing to see the ongoing arrogance of NSW Treasury in the face of such a damning report card from the Auditor General. It was just as disturbing that some of the most senior Treasury officials had not even read the report.”


Greens MP and Chair of PAC David Shoebridge said:

“TAHE is a ticking time bomb placed on the state’s accounts by now Premier Dominic Perrottet, and the only way to defuse it is to scrap TAHE and return its rail assets to the Transport agency.

“The behaviour of Treasury, by delaying and even refusing to provide full disclosure to the Audit Office and its win-at-all costs approach to TAHE, was allowed to fester under the leadership of now Premier Dominic Perrottet. 

“While the former Treasury Secretary has resigned, the Treasurer got promoted to Premier, and that surely fails the pub test for political accountability.” 


Media contact: Alysha Hardy for Abigail Boyd 0477 071 987  David Shoebridge 0408 113 952


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