The importance of freedom in political communication

Today, Abigail spoke in support of a motion on the concerning effects of concert provisions on our implied freedom of political communication.


The Greens are in favour of the motion, and my colleague Mr David Shoebridge will also be contributing to this debate. The motion expresses our concern about the impact on the implied freedom of political communication—and, indeed, that is critical in our democracy. But I find it interesting that Labor is moving this motion at this time, given that the Opposition is currently ganging up with the Coalition in the other place to ram through the most anti-democratic laws that this State has ever seen. We are concerned about the impact of the acting in concert provisions on our implied freedom of political communication, but there are far bigger threats to our democracy happening in this Parliament right now, with the agreement of both major parties. That is of far more concern.


For a full copy of the transcript, including contributions from other Greens MPs, see hansard here.

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