Celebrating the Tamil Women's Group International Women's Day event

Today in Parliament, Abigail passed a motion in celebration of the Tamil Women's Group International Women's Day event hosted at Parliament House in March, commending the group and community members who promote values of peace, culture and connection.

Abigail moved:

That this House notes that:

  • the Tamil Women’s Group held a celebratory and reflective event on 14 March 2024 at Parliament House in light of International Women’s Day with many community members of the Indian diaspora, hosted by Abigail Boyd MLC;
  • the event saw dance performances by Dhana’s Dance Group and Little Diva’s Dance Group, a Kalari performance by community members, and inspiring speeches by women from the community; and
  • the event celebrated the diversity and richness of the Tamil and Dravidian diasporas in Australia and across the world, and the achievements of women from diverse multicultural communities, and provided an opportunity to reflect on the collective struggle of women across the globe in achieving justice, peace, equality and liberation.

(2) That this House commends the work of the Tamil Women’s Group and community members for their endeavours in promoting values of peace, unity, community and connection to culture. 


The motion was agreed to.

Read the transcript in Hansard here.


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