Sustainable and safe period products in schools

Abigail questioned the Minister for Education about the Government's new program for free period products in public schools, regarding sustainable and safe ingredients. 


Abigail asked the Minister for Education and Early Learning: 

(1) With regards to the roll out of free period products in public schools, has the Government considered sourcing products which are environmentally friendly?

(2) Will the period products provided be 100 per cent organic, cotton, biodegradable, compostable, and/or plastic free?

(3) Will the period products provided have biodegradable, plastic free and/or recyclable wrappers?

(4) Will there be ingredient disclosure for the products provided?


The Minister answered: 

(1-3) An evaluation process is currently underway in relation to the appropriate options for sourcing and supplying dispensers for menstrual hygiene products in schools. Accordingly, supplier and product details are yet to be confirmed.

The program is expected to be rolled out to every school by 30 June 2022.

(4) The Department of Education expects that product information will be made available by the relevant manufacturer/supplier.



The full transcript can be found here.

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