Strata Schemes Management Amendment Bill 2020

Today Abigail stood to speak in support of the Strata Schemes Management Amendment Bill that will grant those living in apartments the right to have their companion animals reside with them.

Ms ABIGAIL BOYD (21:32): On behalf of the Greens I support the amendments suggested by the Legislative Assembly. Companion animals bring incredible joy to the lives of their families. Everyone who wishes to share their lives with a pet should be able to do so. I acknowledge that my colleague in the other place Jenny Leong has for many years led the campaign for residents of rental and strata properties to have the right to live with their pets. I also recognise the tireless work of Jo Cooper, whose five-year legal battle to lift the blanket ban on pets in her apartment building and the supporting ePetition tabled by Ms Leong in the other place brought us to where we are now.

The Greens were very pleased to support the amendment proposed by the Animal Justice Party back in August of last year that rendered void by-laws unreasonably prohibiting the keeping of animals. While we remain satisfied with the original amendment, we understand the concerns of the Government that the amendment may not in practice provide adequate guidance and that it would require regulation-making powers. In the interest of progressing the issue, we will be supporting the bill in its amended form. It is imperative that the Government consult extensively while developing the regulations. My colleague Jenny Leong and I will be watching the development of the regulations closely, and I want to make it very clear that The Greens will not hesitate to disallow those regulations if they do not follow the intention of the original amendment.


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