Stockton Beach

Today in Question Time, Abigail asked about the ongoing erosion occuring at Stockton Beach due to the construction of artificial structures and what the long-term plans were to reverse this concerning trend.

Ms ABIGAIL BOYD (12:31:00): My question is directed to the Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women representing the Minister for Energy and Environment. Stockton Beach near Newcastle has lost about 10 million cubic metres of sand over the past century, mostly due to artificial structures and the movements of large ships. In recent times, the rate of erosion has worsened, with 2.5 metres in sand height lost in a matter of hours in late September. Although I understand that some short-term emergency funding has been provided, what are the Government's long-term plans to rehabilitate Stockton Beach and prevent such erosion in future?

The Hon. BRONNIE TAYLOR (Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women) (12:31:42): I thank the member for her question about Stockton Beach. As it relates to a Minister from the other place who I represent and as it contains detail, I will take the question on notice and provide an answer at a later date.

Read the full transcript on Hansard here.

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