NSW Upper House passes motion opposing bus sell-off

The Liberals plan to sell-off the last publicly-owned bus services in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches and North Shore has been strongly opposed today by the NSW parliament upper house, passing a Greens motion to stop the sell-off.

“This is a government that is far more interested in outsourcing it’s responsibilities to the people of NSW than it is in actually delivering the services that it was elected to deliver.” said NSW upper house MP and Greens Transport & Infrastructure spokesperson, Abigail Boyd.

“Since services in the Inner West were privatised in 2017, buses run by the publicly-owned STA have performed significantly better, with higher commuter satisfaction, while also producing an operating profit of millions for the government.

“These bus services - bus services which are by all metrics more efficient than their privatised counterparts - are the bus services which the government is desperate to sell-off.

“The Liberals would have you believe that only the private sector can deliver world class services, yet all evidence from their previous sell-offs says otherwise.

“The community doesn’t want it. The evidence doesn’t support it. Gladys and the Liberal party now need to stop the sell-off and invest in world class public transport.”

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